What is Cannes Film Festival known for?

Cannes is a lovely city on France's southern coast. It also hosts one of the world's largest film festivals.

The Festival de Cannes, formerly known as the International Film Festival, has shared its name with the city it helped to make famous since 2002.

The annual event includes directors, actors, critics, and industry insiders.

A jury of internationally renowned filmmakers and critics awards the Palme d'Or.

Film du Marché, a festival-associated film market, is the film industry's greatest annual event.

Even though the festival is not open to the public, cinéphiles from around the world nonetheless flock to the city.

Tickets are available for sidebars, which are screenings that occur in conjunction with the main festival.

Businesspeople must come every year. And filmmakers, artists, and performers can find new talent and trends.

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