Volkswagen To Pay $80M Porsche Fuel Test

Porsche will settle fuel economy allegations involving US automobiles for $80M.

According to court records, qualifying owners will get payments per vehicle ranging from $250 to $1,109.

According to Porsche, the agreement "serves to resolve the problem, [and] [it] does not recognise the charges in these actions.

Porsche was accused of physically modifying test vehicles that influenced emissions and fuel efficiency findings by owners of Porsche automobiles.

Porsche is convinced that the issue won't recur because it was found during an internal evaluation process.

Volkswagen will also give $250 to owners of Porsche cars with the "Sport+" driving option, which at the time of its implementation violated emissions standards.

Volkswagen admitted using sophisticated software to circumvent emissions regulations in over 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide in 2015.

Two years later, the automaker admitted to committing fraud, obstructing the course of justice, and making false representations.

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