Skoda Vision 7S Concept Revealed

The Skoda Vision 7S concept provides us with a significant hint as to how the production version of the Enyaq SUV will appear

 Skoda is currently developing a larger version of the Enyaq SUV that will have seven seats and could arrive in dealerships as early as 2026.

The three-row electric prototype will eventually give way to a production SUV

Skoda's three new electric vehicles that will be introduced within the next five years. Two of those will be small hatchbacks, and the other will be a small crossover

The Vision 7S introduces the notion of a bigger electric SUV and showcases Skoda's new "modern solid" design language and branding.

The 7S replaces the black-and-silver Skoda symbol with silver writing above the grille.

Seven vertical holes in the front and rear bumpers make the concept look like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

it is almost guaranteed that the suicide rear doors and lack of a B-pillar will not make it into production. 

The dual-configuration interior's "relax mode" is one of the most interesting characteristics, and even owners without children may find it worth admiring.