Rolls Royce Announces First Electric ‘Ultra Luxury Super Coupe’

Several automakers are making the switch to an all-electric fleet, but few are as audaciously opulent as Rolls-Royce.

The high-end automaker revealed on Tuesday that it is formally developing the Spectre electric "ultra luxury super coupe."

Rolls-Royce promised that by 2030, all of their vehicles would be electric.

The Spectre may be the ideal spark for the brand's development into a more contemporary portfolio with its Rolls-Royce grille and sleek design

The new car is the Phantom Coupé's spiritual successor; the carmaker initially debuted the grand tourer in 2008.

The Spectre adapts the Ghost's Planar suspension, which makes use of a camera system to monitor movement.

The Spectre's all-electric drivetrain will provide 900 Newton metres of torque and 430 kilowatts of power.

The Spectre is anticipated by Rolls Royce to have a 320-mile range on a single charge.

The base price of the Spectre is projected to be around $350,000, with additional costs increasing the final price to over $465,000.