Polestar 3 Ev Suv Launched on October 12

Polestar's soon-to-be-unveiled electric SUV will have two motors, high specs, and high costs.

The Sweden-based all-electric brand will debut the Polestar 3 on October 12.

Polestar hasn't published all the specs and specifics, but it promises high-performance electronics and a reimagining of what an electric SUV should look like.

The latest image from Polestar shows a taillight bar similar to the Polestar 2.

A sunroof that slopes to the rear spoiler makes an SUV look sportier.

Polestar 3 targets Porsche Macan fans with a panoramic sunroof, broad rear haunches, and flush door handles.

The upcoming Polestar 3 will cost between $US75,000 and $US110,000 (A110,000 to A162,000).

Some predict the Polestar 3 will use the new Polestar P10 motor.

it will deliver up to 450kW of power on the rear axle and up to 650kW in a dual motor set up, making it up to 50% more powerful than the Porsche Taycan