Energica Experia An Electric Motorcycle

Since launching its first electric motorcycle more than ten years ago, Energica has extensive experience providing clients with electric two-wheeled performance.

The Italian e-moto company is in a good position to develop technology beyond that of its rivals because it has developed a number of models worth of technology.

The adventure-focused Experia, the company's newest model, will provide a remarkable 261 miles of city range, according to Energica.

which far outweighs any other electric motorcycle now on the market.

Only Zero, with its SR/S model offering 223 miles of electric range, has been able to surpass the 200-mile mark in the electric motorcycle competition.

As the sole manufacturer of electric motorcycle racing chassis and motors for the MotoE series since its inception

The chance to advance the development of Energica's bicycles has been provided.

The crucible of motorsport has been used by Energica to produce its new bikes.

Sony And Honda Electric Cars Partnership

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