DeLorean Motor Company Alpha 5 Revealed

DeLorean Motor Company has released the first images of its all-electric Alpha 5 EV. 

The DeLorean Alpha 5 has those iconic gull-wing doors and can reach 60mph in 2.99 seconds (or 88mph in 4.35 seconds).

The company behind the Alpha 5 isn't the same one that made the original DeLoreans

A Texas-based company that sells replacement parts for vintage DeLoreans bought the brand in April and teased an all-electric revival.

The Alpha 5 could have a 100kWh battery and 155mph top speed. 

DeLorean says these are the "base" performance specs, but there's no word on other tiers or pricing.

The Alpha 5 has gull-winged doors and a sloped design like its gas-powered predecessor

 Alpha 5 has smoother curves and four seats. Italdesign, a Volkswagen-owned design team, helped develop the look of the 1981 DMC-12.

DeLorean will reveal the Alpha 5 on its website tomorrow

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