Bentley Almost Finished Making Bacalars

Bentley claims it has completed eight of 12 Bacalar barchettas and will soon deliver the final unique car

Customers can choose colours, materials, and finishes for the 22-inch wheels and body

Orange is also used for the accents along the side skirts and on the diffuser at the back

The 22-inch tri-color wheels stand out because they have a dark grey satin finish with polished faces and gloss black accents

The hood vents, side mirrors, and grille are all gloss black to contrast with the bright exterior colour

Mandarin orange leather accents the top roll, steering wheel, door release, and gear lever

Orange stitching decorates the oval perforated Beluga piping and door

The owners even chose to match their new car with a set of Mandarin Orange-themed luggage

Bentley also has a number of unusual materials to choose from so that customers can make their Bacalar even more unique