Hatred from “RHOBH” Fans, According to Lisa Rinna, Is Due To Her Own Commitment To Being Honest!

Fans are quick to criticise Lisa Rinna for the drama she causes on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and the reality star is well aware of the backlash she receives as a result. The reality star stated in a recent interview that she believes that fans are just reacting to her “honest” viewpoint on the unfolding drama because they believe that she is being truthful.
Rinna was questioned over the possibility of fans crossing borders after viewing a “edited” version of the longstanding actress.

“Because of the way that the show is structured, you won’t really be able to get a whole picture of how I behave in all of the different scenarios. “We function in a way that puts you in certain scenarios that maybe I’m not necessarily in on a regular basis in my life,” Rinna revealed in an interview. “We put you in those positions because we operate in a way that puts you in those situations.”

Lisa Rinna

She continued by saying, “The show does show you a part of me that isn’t exactly the side of me that everybody lives with on a day-to-day basis.” I’m more fun. I’m calmer. I believe that the skew occurs for the fan base because they believe that I am far more furious and cruel in real life than they actually see me to be. I’m just reacting to the different things that are thrown at me on the show.”

Rinna said that people frequently describe her as “angry” or “nasty,” but she attributes the negative feedback to the predictable responses to her unfiltered honesty.

She admitted, “Oh, that hits home with me more than anything else.” “Because I’m honest. And I’ll tell you what, the person who is most heated is the one who is being honest with you. People have a hard time swallowing the bitter pill that is the reality. People would rather I wasn’t honest, and if I wasn’t, I’d be liked by a lot more people; nevertheless, it is not something you are ever going to receive from me. When it comes to me, you get exactly what you see. The vast majority of people have a negative reaction to that because they do not wish to be informed of the truth. In a word, I believe it is the main reason why people have such strong opinions about me on the show. Either you have love for me or you have hatred for me. There is really no grey area here.”

Rinna shared that her very first acting instructor confronted her about her lack of a point of view and her reluctance to express herself. Rinna was embarrassed by both of these shortcomings.

Lisa Rinna

The star of Bravo’s show shared, “So, that was probably one of the greatest criticisms I’ve ever been given in my whole life.” When I finally got to Housewives, I felt like I had complete creative freedom. The premise of Housewives is that we want you to articulate your thoughts and feelings aloud. The dam broke, and all of a sudden, I was able to really put into practise what that teacher had advised me to do when I was 24 years old.

Rinna hinted that the season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that is currently airing will turn out to be “one of the best seasons ever.”

I believe that this is one of the best seasons that has ever existed. I mean, I truly do,” Rinna spilled the beans. “There is a significant amount of reality that exists. The passing of my mother and the break-in at Dorit’s house Concerning Erika and all that she has been and is currently being put through. There are certainly a lot of serious problems that we’re having to deal with right now. And whatever lies beyond that, that is beyond.”

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