Toyota Is Willing to Buy Back Bz4x Models That Were Recalled

Shortly after the new bZ4X EV SUV from Toyota was released in the spring, the company issued an urgent recall for the model and asked owners to immediately stop driving the vehicle. Due to the fact that the recall was centred on the very real chance that the wheels could become off, this action taken by Toyota was not only preventative in nature.

Toyota Buys Back Evs from Bz4x Recall Customers

As a result of a poorly built wheel hub and related hub nuts, which are prone to loosening, 2700 of the 2023 model year’s units were recalled in late June. The problem was discovered in the beginning of June. As of right now, there is no solution, which is why Toyota is giving owners the option of participating in either a credit scheme or getting their money returned in full.

Toyota Is Willing to Buy Back Bz4x Models That Were Recalled

In a letter that was uploaded on Reddit by an individual who currently owns a bZ4X, Toyota USA will provide owners with a choice between two solutions to the problem. A loaner vehicle, $5,000 in loan payment or cash credit, gas reimbursement, and free EV charging through 2024 are all part of one proposed solution.

Additionally, the duration of the extended warranty would be equal to the amount of time that has passed since the recall began until a remedy has been announced. Alternately, Toyota is providing the option to buy back the vehicle in its whole. Because of state financial restrictions, the buybacks will be different for each individual, but it is anticipated that they will be a paid-in-full buyback for owners.

Toyota Is Willing to Buy Back Bz4x Models That Were Recalled

The validity of the letter has been validated by representatives of Toyota, according to Autoweek. Despite the fact that Toyota has not yet specified a schedule for the recall remedy, the solutions that have been offered to owners by Toyota will continue to be available until the recall fix has been developed.

The Solterra, which is a sibling model to the Outback and Forester, is also included in the recall; however, Subaru has not yet provided any recommendations for repairs or compensation. In Japan, Toyota’s Motomachi Assembly Plant is responsible for the construction of both the bZ4X and the Solterra.

In either case, Toyota is in for an expensive chapter, as evidenced by the fact that owners have expressed dissatisfaction on online forums, claiming that a credit of $5,000 is insufficient, while potential customers have cancelled orders. A catastrophic recall of mechanical products such as this one not only costs the company money but also damages its reputation in the eyes of customers.

Toyota Is Willing to Buy Back Bz4x Models That Were Recalled

In the case of the bZ4X, these customers are people who were willing to make the switch to an electric vehicle, and not just any EV, but a brand-new one.
This information comes after Toyota had to recall over 75,000 Tacoma pickup trucks due to a faulty weld on the child seat anchor. By September, Toyota anticipates finding a solution for the Tacoma models; however, it is highly doubtful that these trucks will be eligible for any buyback programme offered by Toyota.

A rear axle assembly that could become loose has led to the recall of some Toyota Tundras from the 2022 model year. This recall affects 46,000 different variants of the vehicle. Those who own Tundras are in a better position than others, given that the problematic component can be easily inspected and replaced at a Toyota dealership.

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