Honda Will Boost Its Push for Electrification by Launching a New Dedicated Division

Honda’s automotive, powersport, and motorcycle electrification initiatives will be consolidated under the new business.

By establishing a new division in April, Honda said today that it will “further accelerate” its push toward electrification. Additionally, it disclosed organisational changes to the way it conducts business globally.

Honda Will Boost Its Push for Electrification

The Japanese carmaker revealed today that it will establish a new branch called Electrification Business Development Operations to combine its powersports, motorbike, and automotive departments’ work on electric vehicle development. It claims that by doing so, the development of electric vehicles will be sped up.

The division, according to Honda, will expand upon the Business Development Operations, which were first announced in April 2022. The carmaker declared at the time that it intended to produce 30 EVs globally by 2030.

Honda Will Boost Its Push for Electrification

At the current exchange rate, Honda will invest 5 trillion ($38 billion USD) in its new division. Two vehicles co-developed with GM for the American market will be released in 2024 as a result of that investment, and ten further EVs will be released in China by 2027.

The carmaker also has plans to create Honda Architecture, a platform specifically designed for electric vehicles, which will debut in 2026. By 2030, the carmaker said it aimed to produce 2 million electric vehicles annually.

Honda also disclosed that it would be combining its regional and global businesses. There will only be three regions for the automaker going forward: the first is North America, the second is China and Associated Regions, and the third is comprised of Japan, Asia & Oceania, South America, Europe, as well as Africa and the Middle East. These zones will serve as the basis for its electrification efforts, and each region will get its own set of vehicles.

Honda Will Boost Its Push for Electrification

The automaker also announced the creation of divisions for corporate strategy operation and corporate administration operation. The former will be responsible for developing, carrying out, and presenting the company’s corporate strategies, while the latter will be charged with pursuing resource optimization.

In order to become a “business society wants to exist” in the electric future, Honda said it is adopting these actions to “transform itself through electrification and new value creation.”

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