Ford Expands Recall for the Possible of Engine Fires

After a number of engine fires that can occur even when the ignition switches are off, Ford is widening a recall of SUVs and asking owners to park them outdoors after the company discovered the problem.
Additionally, the business revealed on Friday that it will be recalling another 100,000 SUVs in the United States due to a separate problem that causes engine fires.
In May, Ford recalled around 39,000 large SUVs in the United States, including the Ford Expedition and the Lincoln Navigator, and instructed owners to park their vehicles outside and away from buildings. After receiving reports of five additional fires, the business decided to widen the scope of the recall on Friday so that it would affect approximately 66,000 vehicles from the 2021 model year.

Ford Expands Recall for the Possible of Engine Fires

When the initial recall was issued, Ford had no idea what was starting the fires in their vehicles. On the other hand, the company reported on Friday that it has isolated the problem to printed circuit boards that are prone to experiencing electrical shorts. According to the company, it has received reports of 21 fires and one injury, but it has not received any reports of fires that have spread to buildings.

The circuit boards are included in the battery junction box as an integral component. The box will be inspected for any melting damage, and dealers will replace it if necessary. Additionally, they will remove or repair a ground wire for the cooling fan that is connected to the junction box. It is anticipated that parts will be available at the beginning of September.

The other recall involves specific models of the Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair SUVs manufactured between 2020 and 2022, in addition to specific models of the Ford Maverick compact pickups. All of them have powertrains that are either a 2.5-liter hybrid or a plug-in hybrid.

Ford Expands Recall for the Possible of Engine Fires

According to Ford, in the event that the engine breaks down, considerable amounts of oil and fuel vapor can escape onto heated parts, which can cause a fire. The business adds that there have been 23 fires reported across the world while the engines were running, but there have been no injuries.

Problems with the machining of the crankshaft can cause engines to break down. Although this issue has been resolved in the manufacturing phase, it is still possible that the recalled vehicles are affected.

The engine problems aren’t fixed by the recall repair, unfortunately. Ford has stated in a statement that there are very few instances of engine failure, with only 0.17 repairs required for every 1,000 vehicles.

The temperature beneath the hood will be lowered to a degree where gasoline vapor or engine oil will not ignite if the dealerships add drain holes to an under-hood shield and replace the active grille shutters. Both of these changes will allow for increased airflow.

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