2022 Bmw i4 and ix Models Are Recalled Due to Probable Battery Fires

The BMW models i4 eDrive40, i4 M50, iX xDrive50, and iX M60 are being recalled due to a fire hazard caused by the batteries installed in the vehicles.

All of these BMW models are battery-electric vehicles. Fortunately for us, there are currently only 83 cars in the area, resulting in a relatively small population. Nevertheless, both BMW and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association recommend that owners do not drive their vehicles, park them in or near other vehicles and structures that could catch fire, or charge their vehicles. It is highly likely that a manufacturing defect occurred in the production of the battery cells used in the affected populations.

2022 Bmw I4 and Ix  Models Are Recalled Due to Probable Battery Fires

An investigation conducted by BMW in response to several incidents both outside and inside the United States found that the cathode plate of one cell may have been damaged during manufacturing along with the other cells. It is possible that cathode grit in the cell could become dislodged and cause a short circuit that, under the right circumstances, could lead to a fire.


Currently, 27 units of the i4 are being recalled, while 56 units of the iX are being recalled. BMW has clarified that it is not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by this problem. The company has admitted this publicly.

2022 Bmw I4 and Ix  Models Are Recalled Due to Probable Battery Fires

It sounds suspiciously like what happened with the batteries in the Chevrolet Bolt. In the case of the Chevrolet, the battery could have shorted, causing a fire. This could have happened if the anode or the cell separator was damaged. The batteries for the BMWs, like those for the Chevrolets, came from a completely different company. Although BMW’s Battery Competence Centre was responsible for developing the cells, Samsung SDI and CATL were responsible for mass producing them. According to BMW, Samsung SDI was the company that supplied the cells in question.

2022 Bmw I4 and Ix  Models Are Recalled Due to Probable Battery Fires

Unlike the Bolt, however, authorities are insisting that the BMWs not be driven and that they not be sued. Neither recommendation should be followed for the Bolt. To solve the problem, a new battery must be purchased from the dealer. Despite the fact that BMW will not begin sending notification letters until September 19, the company has stated that it will call customers as soon as possible.

In the past two months, both the i4 and iX have been recalled twice. The electric vehicles were towed away in June to investigate a likely software error in the driver’s display that occurred when the vehicles were put into “valet” mode. The problem occurred when the vehicles were parked in valet mode.

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