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MotoGP: Suzuki experiments with Winglets

Suzuki may be close to quitting MotoGP, but that hasn’t stopped them from prototyping in the meantime – and based on this recent report, the prototyping includes adding some familiar rear fins to their GSX-RR.

As most of you know by now, MotoGP is more than a celebration of all things fast and furious; it’s also a place where brands can test anything from aerodynamics and ergonomics to the rhythm of the machine’s heartbeat as it launches into the corners to improve its peak efficiency.

Team Suzuki in the paddock. Media sourced from JapanTV Space.

Winglets have been the hot topic lately, so it’s no surprise that Suzuki has joined the dabbling – the brand’s choice of placement and how they’ve applied it, however, makes us watch a bit closer the rear set of Ducati’ offerings of bunny ears.

“This Friday at Motegi, the Japanese bike had some news during the first free practice of the Japanese GP. Álex Rins appeared on the track with new aerodynamic components on the rear of the bike”, indicates the ratio of Motorcycle Sports.

The Suzuki team.  Media from Auto Sport.
The Suzuki team. Media from Auto Sport.

“The new feature introduced by Suzuki makes the bike more stable under braking, allowing for stronger braking as well as reduced movement (according to Rins’ explanation after the practice day).”

With more and more brands realizing the benefits of aerodynamic stability, we expect to see a continued progression of winglet technology on the track.

Stay tuned for updates, drop a comment below to let us know what you think, and as always, stay safe on the bends.

*Media from Japan TV areaas good as Accident and Sports car*

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