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MotoGP: height adjusters banned for next season due to “safety concerns”

In a recent circuit case, MotoGP ruled that front height adjusters will not be allowed next season, for reasons ranging from “not relevant enough for road bikes” to more mandatory “safety concerns”.

Understandably, Ducati – the engineer of the technology and the concept’s first track prototype – was “not happy at all”, but eventually agreed with the other builders in the paddock.

The Monster Energy Yamaha racing team. Media from MotoGP.

““Our general idea on these devices is to ban them all as soon as possible”, explains Romano Albesiano, technical director of the Aprilia team (via Motorcycle Sports).

“It’s just a complication; this is something that will never reach production bikes. It’s something related to the rules that prevent the manufacture of proper height adjusters.

“We introduced the punch-through device in the front, just to start, but our philosophy is to avoid this type of development which we believe is not useful for production bikes.”

The composition of MotoGP riders.  Media from Asphalt & Rubber.
The composition of MotoGP riders. Media from Asphalt & Rubber.

Honda is apparently okay with scrapping the tech as well, having tested it for themselves and determined that the tuners will likely never see the bikes produced on our streets – present or future.

… And for Honda, no production means no need to test the technology further – at least, for now.

“We did some studies and felt that this would not be implemented on road bikes in the future – which, in fact, is a big reason why HRC is in the competition,” adds Takeo Yokoyama of Honda.

“So on our side we decided to vote to ban it as proposed by the organizer – and by then it was decided.”

The composition of MotoGP riders.  Media from MotoGP.
The composition of MotoGP riders. Media from MotoGP.

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