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First look at the 2023 Suzuki DR-Z50


The Suzuki DR-Z50 returns for the 2023 model year to sow the seeds for the next generation of two-wheeled riding. (Suzuki/)You know what’s more fun than a kid’s video game? 50cc motocross like 2023 Suzuki DR-Z50. The only button kids will need is the electric starter.

The little DR-Z’s 49cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine offers beginner-friendly power that can be controlled with an adjustable throttle limiter. This allows parents to control the ever-increasing available power, so the bike doesn’t slip under their motorcycle. With a three-speed transmission and automatic clutch, kids won’t have to worry about outrunning the clutch just yet; all they have to do is press the gear lever. It’s a great starting point for understanding the basic mechanics of the machine. The internal combustion engine meets EPA emissions requirements and its exhaust is equipped with a spark arrester for environmentally friendly driving.

When it comes to getting in the saddle and ready to roll, its 22-inch-tall seat is easy to position and starts with an easy-to-use electric starter (there’s also a jump starter). At a claimed 119 pounds, this bike is easy to maneuver. When kids hit the brakes, they’ll light up the drums at each end. The front brake lever is adjustable to accommodate different hand sizes.

A set of 10 inch knobby tires fly through the ground. The inverted telescopic fork and wishbone rear suspension handle bumps and potholes.

The entry price is $2,499, which is a significant increase from last year’s $2,209, especially since there are no changes.

The DR-Z50 draws inspiration from its RM-Z siblings when it comes to styling. Champion Yellow No. 2 graphics and color are the same as last year. (Suzuki/)2023 Suzuki DR-Z50 Specs and Prices

THE PRICE: $2,499
ENGINE: 49cc, OHC, air-cooled monoblock
DIANARA x HOD: 39.0×41.8mm
Compression Ratio: 9.7:1
FUEL DELIVERY: Mikuni Single Carburetor
CLUTCH: Automatic clutch
TRANSFER/FINAL TRANSFER: Manual 3-speed pedal/chain
TIME: Steel frame
FRONT SUSPENSION: Inverted telescopic fork, coil spring; 3.8 inches of travel
REAR SUSPENSION: Swingarm, coil spring, oil damper; Travel not applicable
FRONT BRAKE: Drum brake
REAR BRAKE: Drum brake
FRONT/REAR WHEELS: Needles; 10 inches
FRONT/REAR TIRES: 2.50-10 33D / 2.50-10 33D
WHEELBASE: 36.8 inches
SEAT HEIGHT : 22.0 inches
Fuel tank capacity: 0.8 gal.
GUARANTEE: 6 months, unlimited mileage


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