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EICMA will maintain the original ticket price for this month

As the global seasons begin to turn to the colder months, motorcyclists around the world await news, concepts and direct inspiration from the world’s largest motorcycle show – and at EICMA, you are more than a spectator; sometimes you are part of history in the making.

In short, being part of EICMA 2022 will probably rock your proverbial socks – which is why we’re covering the cost of those tickets for entry.

EICMA tickets are on sale until the end of September! Media from EICMA.

According to a report by RideApartyou have until the end of September to respect the old ticket price for EICMA, rolling the price from €19.00 down to €16.00.

Considering the inflation rates of our cheapness, the discounted price is a nice gesture…especially if it nets you a few extra bucks toward more legroom in transit.

An electric motorcycle.  Media from the REM.
An electric motorcycle. Media from the REM.

For those of you who don’t know, EICMA is a motorcycle show that began in 1914, with articles on the record ranging from the best and brightest product innovations, to “technical workshops, the presence of world-class riders and representative personalities not only of the sector, as well as moments of competition and a great show in the open-air MotoLive space.” (Going through EICMA website)

A blue motorcycle on a platform at EICMA.  Media from RideApart.
A blue motorcycle on a platform at EICMA. Media from RideApart.

Since then, the prestigious event has acquired the title of “the most visited event in the world in terms of number of exhibitors, visitors, operators and international press.”

…so if you buy this ticket for €16.00, it will bring you more than a souvenir or two; participating immerses you in the heart of the motorcycle industry in a way you can’t experience anywhere else – and it’s more than worth it.

The crowd at EICMA.  Media sourced from GPSone.
The crowd at EICMA. Media sourced from GPSone.

We at wBW are keeping a close eye on what happens this year, from the 10 electric machines promised by Honda, the progress towards sustainability with Suzuki – to the last of Ducati’s world first units.

Whatever happens, be sure to stay tuned, comment below to let us know what you think, and as always, stay safe on the bends.

*Media from Daily Sabah, RideApart, VisorDown, REMand GPOne*

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