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Ducati celebrates 100,000 Scrambler sales since 2015


100,000 Ducati Scramblers color the streets around the world

100,000 Ducati Scramblers have been delivered to enthusiasts since 2015, a milestone reached in a year that marks the 60th anniversary of the birth of the historic first model

In collaboration with Carrera Eyewear, an exclusive collection of sunglasses has been created in a limited edition of only 60 pieces, one to celebrate each year.

Ducati Museum’s “Scrambler 60th” Temporary Exhibit Illustrates and Celebrates Land of Joy History

Borgo Panigale, Bologna – The number of Scrambler Ducati motorcycles delivered to fans around the world, an enthusiastic international community that shares and represents the Scrambler Ducati values ​​of freedom of expression and fun on two wheels, has now reached 100,000. which marks the 60th anniversary of the birth of the first historical model.

Ducati relaunched the Scrambler project in 2015, taking all the ingredients of the original 1960s bike and bringing to life a new world called the Land of Joy, where values, experiences and ideals can be shared. A universe where the real stars are not motorcycles and performance, but people and their passions. Since its launch, Ducati’s Scrambler has become a real reference, a new trend and a new interpretation of the motorcycle world.

Historically made at the request of the Berliner brothers, Ducati importers for the United States in the 1960s, who wanted a model that met the tastes of American motorcyclists, the first Ducati Scrambler went into production in 1962 and was completed in 1975. The motorcycle was an immediate success, also thanks to its technical characteristics, but above all thanks to its style and attitude, capable of embodying the non-conformist and rebellious spirit of those years.

Ducati has offered many different interpretations since 2015, including the first Ducati Icon Scrambler in Urban Enduro, Full Throttle, Street Classic and Classic versions, followed by Mach 2.0, Italia Independent Limited Edition, Flat Track PRO, Café Racer, then added Desert Sled , Sixty2 and Icon Dark. The Land of Joy family is completed by the latest and most modern 1100 Tribute PRO, Urban Motard and Nightshift, which represent a real concentrate of charm and style.

To celebrate this important anniversary and these achievements, Scrambler Ducati has collaborated with Carrera Eyewear, already the official eyewear partner of Ducati Corse, to create an iconic pair of sunglasses made for the occasion in a limited edition of only 60 pieces.

The styling of the sunglasses reflects the Carrera aesthetic, enhanced with Land of Joy trademark details such as the Ducati Scrambler logo on the right lens and the classic ’62Yellow’ finish. The Scrambler Ducati signature sits on the double nosepiece, while the brand’s 60th anniversary logo appears on the right temple. All this is enriched by exclusive packaging with the distinctive Scrambler Ducati badge on the glasses.

The limited-edition model will be available from October 1 exclusively at Carrera online stores in Europe and the United States, as well as at Ducati online stores in Europe.

In recent months, enthusiasts visiting the Ducati Museum have been able to relive the history of the brand and its motorcycles through the temporary “Scrambler 60th” exhibition, open until the end of September. The thematic area tells the story of Land of Joy and its worlds: design, lifestyle, customization, exploration and self-discovery. Visitors were also able to leave their mark on a wall dedicated to the theme of self-expression, instantly recognizable as it is filled with colorful notes that collect the thoughts, ideas and emotions of everyone who has seen the exhibition.


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