Yellow Angels are on duty every nine seconds

ADAC breakdown assistance is called every nine seconds in Germany. Overall, the Yellow Angels completed 3,413,488 missions last year. Due to the mild winter in January and February 2022, that was almost 80,000 fewer than in 2021. The most common cause of breakdowns at 43.2 percent is the defective battery before damage to the engine or engine management system at 23.8 percent. The club registered the most breakdowns per day on December 12 and 19, 2022, with around 17,500 incidents each.

Due to the sharp increase in the number of registrations, breakdowns in electric cars have also increased significantly. The ADAC breakdown helpers were called to 52,000 broken down electric and hybrid vehicles. Here, the proportion of starter battery breakdowns is well over 50 percent.

With the nationwide bicycle breakdown service that started in June, around 5,500 defective bicycles were repaired on the spot by the end of the year – the most common cause here was classic tire damage at 77 percent. Chain damage follows in second place with eight percent. (awm)

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