The top ten of the week at the Authors’ Union Mobility

We are witnessing a rare trial. When it all began years ago, two demands for the climate-friendly transport of the future stood side by side: electric cars and climate-neutral fuels, which can be read in various statutes and guiding principles of the now extensive profit and non-profit networks of environmental activists. Then the alternative fuels disappeared from view. The electric car became a dogma. After years, the view is widening again – very carefully. We take particular pleasure in watching and reporting, as it always does when rationality takes over.
These were the top ten in the 422,193 retrieved text files: 1st Geneva Motor Show: Off to the desert 2nd Driving Report Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140: Bang instead of Plop 3rd China and Malaysia: The Automechanika focuses on Asia 4th “Hero of the Road” visited regular first aid courses 5. What is behind the decision of the EU Parliament? 6. Mazda CX-60 e-Skyactiv D 200 driving report: The return of the six-cylinder 7. “Ducati Special”: Review and outlook on 130 pages 8. Facts for the combustion engine discussion: A provocative guide 9. Fuzzy, expensive and secret 10. Deutz board member Markus Müller: “There is potential in the combustion engine” In the past seven days, our server has delivered 267,821 photos and videos as downloads to our readers and our customers in the media. In the photos, one of the Ferrari SUV Purosangue was in front, in the videos one of the Volkswagen ID3. (awm)

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Photo of the week: Ferrari Purosangue.

Authors’ Union Mobility

Photo of the week: Ferrari Purosangue.

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