The Passat Variant is back at the top

In 2022, the Passat Variant from Volkswagen once again made it to the top of the most popular company cars in the “LeasePlan Germany” customer fleet. This is shown by an evaluation by the car-as-a-service, leasing and fleet management specialist for all user chooser vehicles and all drives. Just behind the front runner are two Ford vehicles – the Focus Tournament and the plug-in hybrid Kuga Duratec.

In the other places, the distances are significantly smaller and sometimes only the second digit after the decimal point decides on the ranking. In general, station wagons have the edge. A relative newcomer has also made it into the list of the ten most popular company cars as a purely electric car: the Polestar 2. The rankings:

1. Passat Variant, Volkswagen (5.47 percent)
2nd Focus Tournament, Ford (3.38 percent)
3. Kuga Duratec, Ford (2.91 percent)
4. Superb Combi, Skoda (2.07 percent)
5. Octavia Combi, Skoda (2.04 percent)
6. Insignia Sports, Opel (1.55 percent)
7. Leon Sports Tourer, Cupra/Seat (1.53 percent)
8. Kodiaq, Skoda (1.52 percent)
9. Golf Variant, Volkswagen (1.35 percent)
10. Polestar 2 Long Range Dual (1.33 percent) (aum)

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