Service flat rate for the Subaru Solterra

Subaru now also offers a service flat rate for the Solterra. At a fixed monthly price, it covers the costs for all scheduled maintenance for up to eight years. On request, wearing parts and other extras are also included. Private customers can book the offer either directly when buying the car or within a year after the vehicle was first registered (up to a maximum mileage of 15,000 kilometers).

In addition to the eight-year guarantee on the vehicle and battery, the flat rate can also be used for up to 96 months (up to a maximum mileage of 90,000 kilometers). Contract term and total mileage are variable

There are two different flat rates to choose from: The Subaru Basic flat rate, available at prices starting at EUR 21.99 per month, covers the costs for all maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer. Both the labor costs and the material costs for original parts and lubricants are covered in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Depending on the mileage and age, this includes, for example, air and pollen filters, differential oil and various liquids.

Those who opt for the Premium flat rate, which is offered at prices starting at EUR 39.99 per month, also benefit from the assumption of service and costs for wearing parts such as wiper blades, brake discs, pads and pads. The general inspection and emissions test as well as two seasonal tire changes per year are also included. (awm)

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