S-pedelec recumbent gets type approval from the KBA

The Speedmachine S-Pedelec from HP Veoltechnik is the first recumbent to be granted a European type approval by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. The fast e-bike with pedal assistance up to 45 km/h was classified as a light vehicle. It can now be sold directly in all EU countries and in Switzerland. So far, the S‑Pedelecs have been individually approved by the TÜV, but now the manufacturer can issue the EU certificate of conformity themselves. The buyer now only has to take out the necessary “moped” insurance and mount the license plate.

Velotechnik Managing Director Daniel Pulvermüller is still dissatisfied with the current regulations for S-Pedelecs in Germany. He sees bicycles, which are as fast as a small motor scooter, as an alternative means of transport over long distances in rural areas. “While the requirements are being relaxed in other EU countries, Germany is not giving this climate-friendly technology a chance for a broader breakthrough,” he complains. For example, these bikes would have to ride on the federal highway outside of built-up areas, even if there is a cycle path next to it. The general ban on cycle paths for S-Pedelecs imposed in the road traffic regulations may still be understandable in the city, but not next to a four-lane federal highway or on a wide cycle path expressway, says Pulvermüller.

Other countries are further along. Most recently, Austria specifically opened the overland connections for the 45 km/h e-bikes. And in Belgium, the sale of speed pedelecs went “through the roof” after approval. And in Switzerland, which hasn’t had any restrictions for the fast bicycle class for a long time, they have made up well over ten percent of the entire pedelec market for years. (awm)

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