Porsche is designing the Airstream of the future

An Airstream is an Airstream and has been built according to the same concept for ages. But with the shiny aluminum caravans from America, a fresh design breeze is suddenly blowing. The traditional brand from the United States has commissioned the design studio FA Porsche, headquartered in Zell am See, Austria, to design a caravan that will combine all the virtues of the previous iconic models with new ideas.

Airstream Studio FA Porsche Concept Travel Trailer is the unwieldy name of the study. Equipped with an axle and five meters long, the caravan should offer space for two campers. The Travel Trailer shines like its peers on the outside, while the luxurious atmosphere of a suite in a designer hotel prevails on the inside. So that it can also be towed by small SUVs and electric cars, the weight was stingy. The air resistance and the frontal area can also be changed thanks to the air suspension of the axle.
During the journey, the trailer ducks behind the towing vehicle.

When stationary, a lifting roof over the entire surface ensures headroom and a good sense of space. There is even a veranda on board: the rear wall is divided horizontally in two and can be folded out, the lower part serves as a terrace, the upper part as rain or sun protection. An awning is also integrated into the frame of the lifting roof. Thanks to the lowerable body, the Travel Trailer also fits in most home garages, which is also a selling point for many customers in America.

The interior has a kitchen in the bow equipped with two induction hobs, a sink and a compressor fridge. Opposite the front door is a washroom with a shower and toilet. In the rear, two side benches are grouped around the free-standing table, which is lowered when the beds are assembled. There is a multimedia center and WiFi on board.

However, it is uncertain whether the Travel Trailer will ever go into series production. It’s probably way too small for campers in the United States. But individual ideas from the Porsche designers could certainly find their way into production. Not only the variable rear and the futuristic interior design are suitable for this, the lifting roof and the variable axle could also be found in the model range in the near future. (cen/Michael Kirchberger)

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