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The electric scooter manufacturer Kumpan from Remagen, which has got into payment difficulties, is looking for a lead investor who will invest five million euros in the company. The company, which was founded in 2010, blames the supply bottlenecks in recent months for important components for the current imbalance. After an important bridging loan was not forthcoming, this led to short-term liquidity problems. The company management is confident that the scooters have a future. In a growing market, the models from Remagen have recently held their own.

According to the parent company e-bility, Kumpan ranks sixth in the 45 km/h low-power segment, and in the larger L3e class (125 equivalent), the brand is fifth with a market share of 7.2 percent. At the start of the season, the company, with around 75 employees at its headquarters in Remagen, is offering young used vehicles and exhibits that are immediately available at special conditions from March 17th to 25th. (awm)

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