Free mobility with Opel’s smallest

A project in Gera, in which the Opel Rocks Electric was used, revolved around local mobility in residential areas. As cooperation partners, the Exner car dealership, the housing company TAG Wohnen and the Fischer Academy driving school offered free vehicle sharing for six months with the electric light vehicle, which young people from the age of 15 can drive with an AM driving license. The two Rocks Electric were loaned out more than 100 times during the half year of the project.

After mobility projects with an autonomously driving minibus and e-scooters for seniors were initiated in Gera, the focus should be on young people who normally rely on public transport. In the residential district of Gera-Lusan and at the Fischer Academy, the only driving school in Germany, in the city center, a location with charging facilities for the Opel Rocks Electric was set up. There, teenagers could borrow the small two-seater Opel free of charge for one or two days. The charging card was donated by TAG Wohnen, and the entire organization of the KIMI project (small, intelligent, mobile, innovative) was taken on by the trainees of the partners involved. The registration and vehicle reservation took place via a website.

The housing company wants to continue the project in Salzgitter soon. The Exner car dealership is also planning new joint projects with alternative drive concepts in Gera and at other locations. And at the Fischer Academy, the Opel Rocks is now part of the AM driver’s license training. The young people complete two driving hours on the battery-electric light vehicle. (awm)

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