Diesel is still too expensive

Relaxation on the fuel market: With the drop in the price of crude oil, refueling has also become cheaper again. As determined by the ADAC, a liter currently costs 1.721 euros on average, which is 3.2 cents less than a week ago. A liter of Super E10 became cheaper by 1.9 cents to an average of 1.762 euros. However, due to the lower energy tax, a liter of diesel should be around 20 cents cheaper than Super E10 instead of just 4.1 cents. The ADAC therefore sees room for further price reductions, especially for diesel with the end of the seasonal demand for heating oil and increased competition on the fuel market. The Automobile Club still advises refueling in the evening if possible. Then the prices are an average of 15 cents below the level of the morning. (awm)

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