Around two million fewer tires sold

Last year around 46.3 million tires were sold in the replacement business in Germany, around two million (minus four percent) fewer than in the previous year. After the eleven percent slump in the Corona year 2020, sales in business with private and commercial end consumers had increased by a good two percent in 2021. The industry’s hopes that this would continue in 2022 were dashed not least by the Ukraine war and its macroeconomic consequences.

Nevertheless, the Federal Association of Tire Dealers and Vulcanisers is satisfied with the course of business. “Despite declining sales figures in its core business area of ​​tire sales, the German tire trade was able to increase sales on average in 2022 and also compensate for the cost increases to such an extent that the bottom line is a slightly positive operating result,” summarized BRV Managing Director Yorick M. Lowin.

As reasons for the declining volume development in the classic consumer segment, which accounts for almost 90 percent of the number of units, the association cites further declining mileage, lower numbers of new registrations and reluctance to buy on the part of drivers due to increased product prices and the inflation-related loss of purchasing power suffered in the past year. Only all-season tires could increase slightly. However, growth of two percent was significantly lower than the average for previous years. A certain saturation effect is noticeable here, the BVR notes. Sales of motorcycle tires, which account for 3.6 percent of trade, remained stable with a minimal increase of 0.5 percent. (awm)

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