Apply online for an operating permit for GDR vehicles

The Federal Motor Transport Authority is speeding up the application for proof of an operating license for so-called “GDR vehicles”. In the future, an online service will enable the vehicle type to be determined, the necessary documents to be uploaded and a direct payment function to be made. A federal user account is required, with which citizens can register for online administrative services.

The most prominent application is the Simson brand of small and light motorcycles manufactured in Suhl. They continue to enjoy great popularity, which is not least due to the fact that, thanks to the unification agreement, they can still be used as mopeds at speeds of up to 60 km/h, just like in GDR times. With around 28,000 applications per year, interest is at a high level. The processing time was up to 24 weeks at the peak. Due to the application process optimized by this online service, significantly reduced processing times of less than two weeks are expected in the future. Applications can now be submitted online at

Since 1991, vehicle owners have been able to apply for a copy of the general operating permit required to drive vehicles manufactured in the former GDR. (awm)

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