A Look at the Top Gun Motorcycles Used By Tom Cruise In The Movie

Tom Cruise is in a league of his own when it comes to his ability to carry off the role of an action hero in the film. And the first installment of the Top Gun franchise has the highest position in his body of work. Now there is a new one called Top Gun Maverick, again starring Cruise, and the new film recreates the iconic scene from the previous movie with a modern touch. Cruise also stars in this new film.

Is This Tom Cruise’s Kawasaki Motorcycle In Top Gun Maverick’?

The moment in which Tom Cruise is seen riding a motorcycle near an airport runway while a fighter jet is taking off in the background. Tom Cruise piloted a Kawasaki GPz900R, which at the time was the world’s fastest production motorcycle, in the original Top Gun movie. Tom Cruise has, once again, made his choice of two wheels for the film Top Gun: Maverick This time, the film takes place in the year 2022. Another Kawasaki has been identified as the offending vehicle. It goes by the name of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 and it is every bit as insane as the GPz900R was back when it was released.

Top Gun Motorcycles Used By Tom Cruise In The Movie
This is a moment that we absolutely adore since, among other things, we are fans of fighter jets, action movies, Tom Cruise, and, of course, motorcycles. I’ll explain why.

To comprehend why we are so excited to see Tom Cruise ride the Kawasaki Ninja H2 in Top Gun: Maverick, we need to travel all the way back in time to the year 1986. Only then will we be able to comprehend why we are so excited about this scene. At this point, Cruise was at the height of his success, having just released the first version of Top Gun. In that movie, Tom Cruise was shown riding the Kawasaki GPz900R behind a fighter jet taking off when the sun was setting and ‘Maverick’ was seen cheering on the pilot, dropping a gear, and speeding off into the distance. During the 1980s, this event marked the beginning of a move toward sports bikes in America. People began desiring a motorcycle that was more agile and maneuverable than large, heavy touring bikes like those produced by Harley-Davidson as a result of this phenomenon.

The Top Gun Motorcycles

When it came out, the GPz900R was light years ahead of its competition. It was the first motorbike in history to reach speeds of more than 150 miles per hour, and with an official top speed of 155 miles per hour, it was the fastest production motorcycle that money could purchase at the time. However, the GPz900R’s distinctness could not only be attributed to its extremely rapid acceleration. It made use of the engine as a stressed member, and the engineers put it lower in the frame, which provided the motorcycle with a high degree of maneuverability together with a low center of gravity. This contributed to the overall reduction in the weight of the motorcycle. Because it was equipped with the first 16-valve liquid-cooled in-line 4-cylinder motorcycle engine in the world, it had the ability to complete a standing quarter-mile in under 11 seconds. The Kawasaki was significantly more refined, swifter, more nimble, and quicker than every other motorcycle available on the market thanks to its 908cc engine’s 115 horsepower and a crankshaft counter-balancer. Since it was Kawasaki’s first ‘Ninja,’ we can consider it the grandpa of some of the most awesome motorcycles the company has ever produced.

Top Gun Motorcycles Used By Tom Cruise In The Movie

And with that, we are now in the year 2022. The Ninja H2 is the newest addition to the Kawasaki Ninja lineup, and it is not only the fastest motorcycle produced by Kawasaki; it is also the fastest motorcycle produced anywhere in the world. The first man to ride a production motorcycle faster than 400 kilometers per hour was Kenan Sofuoglu on a Kawasaki Ninja H2; his speed was measured in kilometers per hour. Even if it is the Kawasaki Ninja H2R, which is a version of the H2 that is designed exclusively for racing on tracks, the accomplishment is so incredible that it seems inconceivable. The race had to be completed in less than 30 seconds in order to prevent a tyre blowout, but it was no problem for this Ninja who finished the race in just 26 seconds!

This accomplishment was accomplished while the motorcycle was in a configuration that was quite close to its conventional form. The Ninja H2 has the potential to be modified into a drag race monster or perhaps a track weapon if the appropriate adjustments are made. When you consider additional numbers in addition to the H2’s, you will still be amazed by it. In a motorcycle that weighs less than 500 pounds, the in-line four-cylinder engine that powers it has a capacity of 998 cc and is subjected to supercharging. It generates 104.9 torque at 11,000 rpm and 228 horsepower at an extremely high 11,500 rpm. When you power the motorcycle, the supercharger on the Ninja H2 spins so quickly that the blades violate the sound barrier, giving the motorcycle a chirping sound. The Ninja H2 also has a distinctive exhaust note because of this. You might be wondering, how quickly the impeller turn. The correct answer is 130,000 revs per minute.

And the total cost of all of this entertainment is less than $30,000 It should therefore come as no surprise that the Kawasaki Ninja H2 is the best that a motorcycle can possibly be. The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX is another option to consider if you’re looking for a sports-tourer variant of the H2 that offers a marginally less aggressive riding position
And this is precisely why we are so impressed by what Top Gun: Maverick has accomplished. Although it was successful in recreating the cinematic experience that gives viewers goosebumps from the first Top Gun movie, it did not deviate from the tried-and-true pattern of employing an equally famous top gun motorcycle, which was the GPz900r in 1986 and the Ninja H2 in 2022.

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