Can-Am Unveils Origin and Pulse Electric Bikes for 2024

Can-Am, a company that manufactures motorcycles, has just recently introduced two electric motorbike models dubbed Origin and Pulse. Both of these models are expected to be ready by the middle of 2024.

Can-Am Unveils Origin and Pulse Electric Bikes for 2024

The Can-Am dirt bike served as the primary source of motivation for the designers of the very first electric motorcycle, which was given the name Origin. The Origin has the capability to travel both on-road and off-road. On the other side, the Pulse is an electric motorcycle that was developed with a focus on stability and nimbleness so that it can be ridden in urban environments.

We are disappointed to report that Can-Am has not disclosed any additional information about the two electric motorcycles that the firm produces. However, according to the teaser that was disseminated, both of them had a cutting-edge design with yellow highlights and an LED light unit. In addition to this, the fender seems to be on the shorter side and resembles a digital instrument cluster in design.

Can-Am Unveils Origin and Pulse Electric Bikes for 2024

Although the new specifications won’t be disclosed until August 2023, the Can-Am two electric motors are supported by Rotax E-Power technology, which promises to deliver more power and torque, as well as acceptable speed when travelling on the road. This technology won’t be divulged until August 2023. It won’t be until August 2023 before the updated standards are made public.

The company also claims that the electric motorcycle will be easy to ride for inexperienced riders, as all the owner will need to do to get going is turn the throttle on. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees that riders will not be bothered by noise or vibration when they are using an electric motorcycle.

Can-Am Unveils Origin and Pulse Electric Bikes for 2024

Can-Am also introduced the brand new Sea-Doo Rise, an electric hydrofoil board that will be commercially available sometime in the middle of the year 2024. In addition to the electric motorcycle that was demonstrated, this was also on display.

The manufacturer does not provide a great deal of information on it; however, they do note that the Sea-Doo Rise has a handlebar that can retract and that the user has the option to either stand, kneel, or lie down when riding it.

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