2022 Energica Experia – The First Electric Sport Touring Motorcycle

Energica Motor Company made the official debut of Energica Experia, the company’s very first iteration of an adventure touring motorcycle. However, this is not simply a new bike that was built on top of an existing platform. Additionally, it marks the beginning of a brand new platform for Energica electric motorcycles, which will feature a different type of electric motor in addition to battery technology that is both more lightweight and efficient. Let’s take a look.

Experia Experia, Price, Performance, Weight, Battery

In June of 2021, Energica made public its brand-new and significantly improved EMCE electric motor, which it had co-developed with Mavel, an Italian company that specialises in the production of electric motors. This motor simultaneously offered a simplified design motor and inverter shared liquid cooling, which they hadn’t previously while also managing to drop a staggering 10 kilogrammes of weight (22 pounds) while also lowering the unit’s centre of gravity. This was accomplished by sharing liquid cooling, which had not been the case previously. An increase in horsepower, as well as increased time between maintenance checks, were also very welcome additions to the package.

2022 Energica Experia - The First Electric Sport Touring Motorcycle

EMCE may have been a significant step forward for Energica, but that was then and this is now. The new OEM’s EMCE Permament Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor will be installed in the new Energica Experia Green Tourer in May of 2022. Energica is marketing the vehicle as “green” rather than “adventure,” and it will be powered by this motor. The manufacturer claims that this new design shaves an additional 10 kilogrammes (22 pounds) off the weight of the first EMCE motor. The thermal efficiency is increased, and at the same time, this motor can be installed even lower in the chassis because it is smaller.

The Experia makes use of a lithium polymer battery to store the energy that keeps the new EMCE PMASRM (try saying that five times quickly) operating. According to Energica, this battery provides greater power density while simultaneously centralising its mass. The maximum capacity of the Experia’s battery is 22.5 kWh, while the nominal capacity is 19.6 kWh. The Energica Experia is compatible with Level 2 and Level 1 chargers, despite the fact that the charging speed will be significantly reduced when using these types of chargers. The manufacturer claims that the device can be charged from empty to 80 percent in just 40 minutes when using a Level 3 DC fast charger. Nevertheless, you are stuck with what you have, and it is comforting to know that you can charge your device anywhere there is a place to plug it in.

Energica Experia Specs

According to the manufacturer, the Energica Experia is capable of producing 102 horsepower at its peak and 80 horsepower continuously. 85 pound-feet of torque can be found here. The maximum allowed speed is 112 miles per hour. According to the manufacturer, a single full charge extends the vehicle’s range to 261 miles in the city, 130 miles on the highway, and 160 miles when combined. Your actual mileage can and will vary depending on how you drive the vehicle, just like it does with any other electric vehicle.

Sachs is responsible for providing suspension in every direction. The front 43mm fork has a travel distance of 150mm and includes preload, extension, and compression settings that can be adjusted. Adjustable extension and preload are both features of the rear monoshock, which has a travel distance of 55 millimetres . The Experia Experia is stopped at both the front and the back by brakes manufactured by Brembo. The front brakes consist of a dual 330mm disc, four-piston radial calliper setup, and the rear brakes consist of a single 240mm disc, two-piston calliper.

2022 Energica Experia - The First Electric Sport Touring Motorcycle

The Experia Experia’s front end features a steel tubular trellis design with aluminium sideplates, but the swingarm and the wheels are both cast aluminium units. The frame of the Experia Experia is made of steel. Concerning the wheels, each one has a diameter of 17 inches and is wrapped in a tyre made by Pirelli called Scorpion Trail II. The total weight of the vehicle is 260 kilogrammes, which is slightly more than 573 pounds.

Energica Experia Features

The Energica Experia comes equipped with seven riding modes, including Eco, Urban, Rain, and Sport riding modes, in addition to three riding modes that can be customised. There are four different levels of regenerative braking, which are High, Medium, Low, and Off. There are a total of six traction control settings available, in addition to Bosch cornering antilock brakes. Cruise control, which is probably a must-have if you’re riding any kind of touring bike, is included as standard equipment on these bikes. The Experia Experia also includes a parking assistant function that is able to function in both forward and reverse modes at low speeds when the vehicle is moving slowly. The display of the Experia is a 5-inch TFT unit, and it is this display that you will use to adjust the settings to your preferences.

At the time of its release, the Energica Experia is only available in a single colorway called Bormio Ice. Pricing and availability will vary by region; therefore, if you are not located in the United States, it is in your best interest to check with your neighbourhood Energica dealer to obtain information that is specific to your region regarding pricing and availability. In the United States, pricing information has not been released as of yet; however, beginning on June 1, 2022, you will be able to start placing orders. According to Energica, if everything goes according to plan, the new 2022 Energica Experias should begin rolling out to customers sometime during the fall of 2022.

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