DeLorean Motor Company’s Alpha 5 First Look Have Been Revealed

The first images of the DeLorean Motor Company’s Alpha 5 electric vehicle (EV) have been made public. The DeLorean Alpha 5 is the brand’s first attempt to revive the DeLorean name in the form of an all-electric automobile. The DeLorean Alpha 5 stays true to the classic 1980s-era DeLorean that was made famous by its appearance in the film Back to the Future. It features those recognisable gull-wing doors and has the ability to reach 60 miles per hour in approximately 2.99 seconds (or 88 miles per hour in 4.35 seconds, if you’re curious).

DeLorean Motor Company's Alpha 5 First Look Have Been Revealed
Before we get into the specifics, it is important to note that the company that is responsible for the DeLorean Alpha 5 is not the same company that was responsible for the first DeLorean automobiles; in fact, that company ceased operations in the year 1982. The rights to the DeLorean brand were purchased in April by an unrelated company based in Texas that supplies replacement parts to owners of vintage DeLorean vehicles. This company also teased the possibility of an all-electric revival of the DeLorean brand in April.

The DeLorean Motor Company’s Alpha 5 might come with a battery that has a capacity of 100 kWh, which would give it a range of approximately 300 miles and a maximum speed of 155 mph. According to DeLorean, these specifications will be part of the “base” performance model; however, there is no information available regarding additional possible performance tiers or pricing.

DeLorean Motor Company's Alpha 5 First Look Have Been Revealed

The DeLorean Motor Company’s Alpha 5 may have gull-winged doors and a sloped design like its gas-powered ancestor, but it has rounded corners instead of sharp ones, and it has four seats rather than two. In addition, it has a more angular appearance than its predecessor. Despite the fact that there are some obvious differences, DeLorean collaborated with Italdesign, the same design team that was owned by Volkswagen and contributed to the development of the look of the 1981 DMC-12. Italdesign’s interpretation of the electrified version propels the vehicle into the future.

DeLorean Motor Company's Alpha 5 First Look Have Been Revealed

You can sign up to get a sneak peek at its images and specifications right now, but DeLorean plans to make the DeLorean Alpha 5 available to the general public on its website in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. However, due to the fact that DeLorean Motor Company plans to unveil the DeLorean Alpha 5 at Pebble Beach on the 21st of August, we will have to wait a little bit longer to see the car in action.

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