Volkswagen Introduces The Awd Id.4 Pro 4motion With A Starting Price Of 49,020 Euros.

Volkswagen saw the demand for an all-wheel drive version of the ID.4 that did not bear the GTX badge, and as a result, the company expanded their lineup in Europe to include the new ID.4 Pro 4Motion. In comparison to the GTX’s 299 horsepower, its dual-motor system generates 261 horsepower, and its starting price in Germany is €49,020, which is around €1,400 less than the GTX.

It takes 6.9 seconds to reach 100 kilometres per hour (62 miles per hour), which is seven tenths slower than the GTX. Its highest speed, which is identical to that of the ID.4 GTX, is 180 kilometres per hour (1112 miles per hour), which is faster than the rear-wheel drive models’ maximum of 160 kilometres per hour (99 miles per hour).

Volkswagen Introduces The Awd Id.4 Pro 4motion

The ID.4 Pro 4Motion version, on the other hand, is not intended for people who are interested in the performance of their cars, but rather for people who have a potential need to pull things behind their vehicle and who also have a potential interest in driving it off-road. It has a towing capacity of 1,400 kilogrammes (3,087 pounds), which is 200 kilogrammes (440 pounds) higher than the ID.4 Pro RWD. Furthermore, because the front motor can provide traction when it is required, it should be slightly less likely to become stuck off-road.

Volkswagen is going to make the ID.4 even more appealing to prospective owners by releasing this new variant, which, while cheaper than the GTX, is not a whole lot cheaper than it. As a model, it has been performing incredibly well, with 163,000 vehicles shipped around the world in 2021 and an estimated increase in that number this year. This indicates that the model is doing really well.

Volkswagen Introduces The Awd Id.4 Pro 4motion

The Volkswagen ID.4 is currently being manufactured at two plants in Germany, VW’s Zwickau and Emden plants (through a process that is completely carbon-neutral, according to the manufacturer), in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and in China through the SAIC-VW joint venture that builds the ID.4 X, as well as the FAW-VW joint venture that makes the ID.4 Crozz. Both of these factories are located in China. It is also available in a more rakish form known as the ID.5, which has a roof that is reminiscent of a coupe and marginally more sporty tune in comparison to the ID.4 model.

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