The Mercedes-benz Eqb 2023 Will Have A Starting Price Of Less Than $60,000.

The entry-level price for the least expensive Mercedes-Benz electric vehicle that you may purchase is 56,800 dollars.
Mercedes has at long last disclosed the price of the Mercedes-Benz EBQ crossover, the newest member of the growing EQ family of electric vehicles produced by the German automaker. The EQB will begin at a price of $56,800, which includes the destination.

It should come as no surprise that the EQB and the standard tiny GLB crossover have the exact same chassis and design. When it goes on sale, customers will have the option of selecting either a two-cylinder or a three-cylinder engine configuration. For a starting price of less than $57,000, you may get an EQB 300. The power output is 225 horsepower, and it comes from a single electric motor, a battery with a capacity of 66.5 kWh, and all-wheel drive as standard. The EQB will be available in two different trim levels: the Exclusive, which can be purchased for the aforementioned amount, and the Pinnacle, which can be purchased for $59,350.

The Mercedes-benz Eqb 2023 Will Have A Starting Price Of Less Than $60,000.

If you want the EQB 350, you’ll need to shell out a minimum of $60,350 for the Exclusive trim as the starting point. The battery capacity is the same at 66.5 kWh, but it has been upgraded to a dual-motor configuration, which results in 288 horsepower and 324 lb-ft of torque. Choosing the Pinnacle trim level will add $61,400 to the total cost of your vehicle. You do not receive any additional power, but you do receive features like as a panoramic roof, a surround-view monitoring system, and a Burmester sound system that is of a higher quality.

The Mercedes-benz Eqb 2023 Will Have A Starting Price Of Less Than $60,000.

Inside, there is the standard huge touchscreen measuring 10.25 inches that has become standard in vehicles like this one. For some reason, electric vehicles with massive infotainment screens tend to go hand in hand with one another. You also receive additional features, such as the typical array of driver safety support systems and a navigation system that determines the most fuel- and emissions-efficient route possible. Also, if the EQB is anything like the GLB, which it is based on, then don’t expect there to be standard seating for seven people in it. Since it is an option that costs $850 on the GLB, I would anticipate the same price point here.

In the United States version of the EQB, Mercedes has not disclosed any information regarding the driving range of the vehicle; nevertheless, if the European model is any indication, you should not have high hopes. Car and Driver spent some time in April testing the European version, and they reported that it had a range of 260 miles on the European WLTP with the same 66.5 kWh battery (the Euro equivalent of the EPA). This summer, consumers in the United States will have the opportunity to purchase the Mercedes-Benz EQB.

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